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As-Is Bar Sign. The design cannot be changed. We suggest 11x14” for an ideal size. ARCHED UPGRADE is an option!



  • Place your order by filling out all the necessary information.

  • All orders will be shipped (or ready) within 4 weeks of the order date! (Or if you would like a proof, 4 weeks from the date you accepted the file)



You can choose to have your items shipped (you pay for shipping) or available for porch pickup in Charlotte, NC. We’ll email you when it’s ready if you go the pickup route!



1. Acrylic scratches VERY easily. Dust or clean with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using Windex type cleaners.

2. The words won’t come off to the touch, but they could if scratched. The only thing that should completely erase the words are 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

3. If you have a painted back sign, the paint can sometimes dry tacky. If you lay it down on a surface or another sign, put something against the tacky side, like parchment paper.

4. Try to keep them at room temperature. If left somewhere hot, the signs could warp.

Drinks & Dance Floor Sign

PriceFrom $30.00
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